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Happy Wheels

Some flash games are more memorable than others. When playing Happy Wheels I always get a smile on my face. The jet powered wheel chair is awesome!

The game is fun and quite challenging. There are nine levels available. Each offers a brief sidebar summary including tips and suggested difficulty.

After choosing the desired course, a character is selected. Choices include man in wheelchair, man on scooter, or man on bike with child.

Each one operates a little differently and will take some practice; more choices are available through the full version. Character can be changed at any time during game play.

Happy Wheels Controls

Movement is keyboard-controlled: the up arrow accelerates forward, down arrow decelerates backward, and left and right arrows are for tilting. The space bar is for jumping, and the Z key ejects the character from his wheeled vehicle.

At any time, the game can be paused by hitting the menu button at the lower left of the game screen. A pop-up menu offers options to restart level, change character, view replay, exit to menu, or resume. Although "save replay" is also offered, this is a feature of the full version only. Sound controls are accessed from the home screen.


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How To Play Happy Wheels

After level and character are selected, the game begins. The character navigates through various situations and obstacles ranging from simple jumps and elevators to spike-lined ceilings and explosives. If injured, limbs are lost and then ricochet everywhere while spraying blood. Depending on how damaged he is, play can continue for some time while nearly-severed appendages flop around anchored only by their tendons.

The game continues until the character is decapitated or strewn in pieces across the screen. To try again, just hit the menu key to restart that level or select a different one.


©2017 - Game copyright belongs to Total Jerkface / Jim Bonacci. We are loyal fans of the game!

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