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God I really love this game. If that makes me sad then so be it. I just can't get enough of shooting people with arrows!

Bowman is one of those game you're going to love or hate. The aim is to shoot your opponent who is standing somewhere to the right of you.

You can play against the computer or you can take turns with a friend and play against each other.

Sometimes you will hit the other player but won't win the game. It's really all about causing major blood loss. Depending on where you hit the other player they will lose a litle or a lot of blood.

If you hit them and they don't go down you just have to hit them again (assuming they don't get you on their turn).

Bowman Controls

Bowman is played with the mouse. You left click and hold on the screen and drag the mouse to set the angle and power of the shot.

When you are ready to fire release the mouse button and your arrow will shoot through the air.

On your first shot you will get an idea of how far away your opponent is. You may get to see him as your arrow flys through the air or you may just get to see the edge of the grass he is standing on.


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How To Play Bowman

The trick to playing Bowman is not to overthink it. Your first shot is blind because you have no idea how far your opponent is away. You should use this first shot as best you can to at least locate your opponent and if possible hit them.

Once you know roughly how far they are away it's just a case of getting the angle of the shot right with just enough power to hit them without going over their heads.

A headshot may take them out in one turn but with any other hit to the body or legs you may not get them in one shot. Just remember that your opponent will get closer and closer to hitting you with every turn!


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