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Bus Rampage

It's important to remember sometimes that games are not real. But I think most people know the difference between driving around in a school bus running over school children in a game vs doing it in real life.

So then the aim of the game in Bus Rampage is to run over as many of the little kiddies as possible and park the bus before the cops arrive.

Needless to say, actually stealing a school bus and using it to splat school kids all over the road in real life is a BAD IDEA!!!

There is something however, very enjoyable about driving around in a school bus (in a game) and running down everyone. It would probably be a lot better if people took out their frustration and anger in video games rather than on real people (just my opinion).

Bus Rampage Controls

Movement is controlled by the arrow keys. You need to press a key to start the game and after the countdown you should be able to use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake/reverse and turn left and right.

The up arrow is to accelerate, the down arrow acts as the brake and also allows you to reverse the school bus. Left and right arrows steer the bus.


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How To Play Bus Rampage

The aim of Bus Rampage is to run over everyone before the timer runs out. When the time runs out the cops will arrive and you will lose a life. You have three lives to lose before the game is over.

After running everyone over you will need to park the bus in the designated space. If you can manage to run everyone over and park the bus in the space before the timer runs out you will pass onto the next level.


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