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What can I say about Cat-A-Pult without being accused of animal cruelty?

The aim of the game is to use your trusty catapult to hit the stray cats through the holes in the gladiator wall (so they can take a catnap).

You get points for every cat you put through a doorway or window.

You won't get any points if the cat ends up splatted all over the wall, so you may want to remember that when playing.

As always, don't think that just because something is fun in a video game that it would be fun in real life. You should never fire a catapult at a cat in real life (although I do wonder why it's called a CAT-apult).

Cat-A-Pult Controls

This game is mouse controlled rather ironically. Move the mouse around to aim and then click and hold the left mouse button to increase the catapult power. A power meter will appear on the left of the game. Just let go when you are ready to fire the catapult.


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How To Play Cat-A-Pult

Like I said earlier, the aim of the game isn't to splat the cats on the wall. This is a game of skill and you have to put the cats in the holes to earn any points.

You get 100 points for a cat in a doorway and 300 points for a cat in a window. Although, firing the cats at the wall may be amusing it's not the aim of the game.

You should also watch you don't kit the cats in the head as this may take off some of their kitty fur making them look very stupid.


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