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Hell Cops

You won't want to mess with the cops in the future. That's because they apparently will all be driving around in their flashy cop cars and won't be paying any attention to who is in the road!

Hell Cops is another fun game where you get to run over everything and everyone (it's almost like that's the theme here)!

You must get to the end of each level without flipping over your cop car. If that means blowing up cars, buildings and people then so be it.

This game has been very popular with my friends in recent weeks. In fact certain friends aren't even answering their cell phones. I just hope they have been too busy playing the game and haven't actually been arrested by the real cops.

I hope you enjoy playing this and all the other games on here!

Hell Cops Controls

Playing Hell Cops is easy because once again it's controlled by the arrow keys!

Use the up arrow to accelerate and the down arrow to go backwards. The left and right arrow are used for balance to make sure you don't flip over.

You can also change direction and go back the way you came by using the ENTER key to change direction.


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How To Play Hell Cops

Your primary goal is to get to the end of each level but driving over all the obstacles (most of which seem to explode as you driver over them).

Your secondary goals is to blow up and run over just about everything in the game. If you miss something you can use ENTER to reverse direction and go back and get it. Just be careful not to flip over or get stuck anywhere.


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