Play Kitten Cannon!
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Kitten Cannon

People are going to start saying that I don't like cats very much. If you haven't played Cat-A-Pult yet you should try that next.

The Kitten Cannon game is one of those games where you have to shoot something as far as possible. In this case it's a poor little kitten (awww) and you're firing it out of a cannon!

Of course that's not the end of the story. There are all kinds of objects like balloon bombs, metal spikes, explosives, trampolines and venus fly trap plants to make it slighlty more exciitng.

How far you get the kitten depends largely on the angle of the cannon and the power you use. You are also at the mercy of lady luck as hitting the right objects will send your kitten off into the air once more.

It's also worth saying that no actual kittens were hurt in the making of this game.

Kitten Cannon Controls

The controls are simple. Use the up and down arrow keys to aim the cannon and then use space to fire.

The red bar on the cannon gives an indication of the power for the shot.

Leave the rest to lady luck (and gravity).


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How To Play Kitten Cannon

I can sum up how to play in three words.... ready, aim, fire!

The angle of the cannon and the power are the only things you can control. Aim around 45 degrees and hit the max power is my tip.

Then it's down to gravity what objects your kitty will hit....

The balloon bombs are floating explosives that boost your kitty. Metal spikes will kill your kitty and end the game. Explosives send your kitty further and higher.

There are also trampolines which send kitty higher but don't make them go any faster. Finally, the venus flytrap plants will eat your kitty for lunch.


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