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Rockband Roadie

Every now and then a game comes along that I can't stop playing for several weeks. Rockband Roadie has fallen into this category for me.

I really like bike games generally but the Rockband Roadie game just has something extra that makes it really enjoyable to play.

The premise of the game is that you are the roadie for a very successful rockband and must carry all their equipment on the back of your bike to their next gig. I'm not sure why they aren't using a truck to transport their equipment but who cares!

You must ride over all kinds of obstacles and make sure you keep the loaded bike under control and not tip over (which is actually quite tricky).

You can also choose to drive a fork lift truck which has a different center of gravity. Some obstacles are better suited to the bike and others to the fork lift truck.

Rockband Roadie Controls

You play the game with the arrow keys.

The up arrow accelerates you and the down arrow acts as the brake. You can press the down arrow to go backwards also.

The left and right arrows are used to lean forwards and backwards which will help you to balance yourself as you go over the various obstacles in the game.


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How To Play Rockband Roadie

As a roadie you are required to setup your bands equipment before each gig. Simply drive over the obstacles to their next venue and reach the stage. Remember that if the band doesn't get their equipment they won't be able to perform.

You get to choose from a motorbike or a forklift truck. The bike is fast but harder to control. The fork lift is more stable but slower than the bike. Along the way there are also flaming arrows which will give you a speed boost over obstacles if you run over them.


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